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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mini USB WindowsXP

Mini WindowsXP-USB
37.10 MB

Camyy little appearance of WINDOWSXP for an usb-trinket . Irreplaceable thing if it is needed to smuggle out of information from a computer from the flying operating system. On fleshku inundated through Ghost32 ( goes in an archive ), fleshki sufficiently on 64mb!. Interesting that it is possible after downloading from fleshki to set the necessary program and start it, the set programs will lie on that fleshke, which you were downloaded from.

  • paragon Hard Disk Manager
  • drive Snapshot
  • password Renew
  • ramdrive

1. We start the program Ghost
2. ghost Local->disk->from image choose this appearance, further choose a store, further "ok" overload komp, put in a bios downloading from USB. Ready!