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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Windows Vista SP2 Ultimate InspiRED Edition™ X86 July.2009

Windpws Vista SP2 Ultimate InspiRED Edition™ X86 July.2009 | 2.86 GB

Vista Ultimate InspiRED Edition™
File: red.ISO
Size: 2.86 GB
Author : AMC

This OS is made inspiRED by the human charity idea to help people in Africa to fight AIDS and save lives. It has NO intention to harm the ongoing humanitarian process all over the world, when bying RED Products we could directly help people in need.
This OS has Entertainment purpose and maybe will contribute in raising awareness, even among people that have not much money to buy OS, about needs of people in other parts of the world. Maybe not everybody have enough money even for his everyday needs but could think about alternative ways to help other people that need real help.
This is not real/original Vista RED that, by the way, can be bought only in US. This is modded Vista. If you like the message of this OS, go on and buy some real RED product. Or if you don't have money think about how could you help other people in need.
Join (RED)TM. Save Lives.

As for the OS itself, it is Vista SP2 fully updated version that includes content from (PRODUCT)RED to personalize your desktop. Only for clean install, not for upgrade, burn on DVD and boot from it to start setup.
InspiRED has latest Hotfixes, Ultimate Extras, extra Applications, new Drivers, nice Themes with original RED theme, RED Dreamscenes, RED Screensaver, RED Sidebar etc.
Much bloatware is removed, it is a long list to list it here (only to mention, Japanese and Chinese languages are removed also because of their large size). At the same time many extras are integrated.

OS is installing relatively slowly, but is functioning fast because of the many tweaks integrated.

What is integrated:
Update Pack Plus
All Vista post-SP2 hotfixes
Vista Post-Dotnet
Windows Help Program
Windows PowerShell 1.0
Remote Server Admin Tools
Wireless Feature Pack
Hyper-V Remote Management Update
Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack
Windows User State Migration Tool USMT 3.0.1
Image Mastering API Update for Blu-Ray Media
Smart Card Driver
Vista Ultimate Edition Extras
Dreamscene_Content_1 plus RED Dreamscenes
tinker game
Media Center TV Pack
Post Media Center TV Pack

During Setup skip Product Key and mark "No" on question "Do you want to enter your product key now?". It will be activated later, from Desktop folder. Or if you have working key you can put your's but better not to experiment.

During second boot, Setup will look for upgrades and drivers, and the process will take some time. It will looks like nothing is moving but don't worry. Please be patient, till OS find all upgrades. User intervention is not needed.
New Driver Packs Integrated
Lan x86 903.1
Audio x86 906.1
WLAN x86 812.3
Masstorage x86 906
Graphics A x86 906.1
Graphics B x86 905
Mobile Graphics x86 906

Everything is moded in RED style, user pics, setup, logon, boot, etc., even the default theme is original with Default RED Sidebar. Also, all RED and other wallpapers are integrated, many themes and not only RED, but others included are very nice also.
If you need further styling, can also use integrated TuneUp, IconPackager, LogonStudio, SidebarStyler.

At 4th boot, some time before logon will see black screen when all applications are installing silently. Most of the time will see blanck screen (from time to time will see pop-ups moving around), just wait patiently it will run OK and will restart automatically when job is finished
Extra Apllications installed silently
CrapCleaner 2.21.940
WinRAR v3.90
FireFox 3.5
7-Zip 4.65
Diskeeper Pro Premier 2009
IconPackager 4.2
Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.1.2
Java 6 update 14
Adobe Shockwave
Flash Players
QuickTime 762
ACDSee Pro Photo Manager 2.5
Notepad 2
JetAudio 7.18
K-Lite Full Codec Pack 4.95
RealPlayer 11
Sidebar Styler
Silverlight 2
TuneUp Utilities 2009
UltraISO Premium Edition v9.3.3.2685
Msn Live
MsgPlusLive 482
Kels CPLBonus Vista
Skype 410136
XWindows Dock
VC2005SP1 VC2008SP1
Windows Sound Schemes

One of the many themes integrated, with pre-configured XWindows Dock (right-click on it to set it's details) that can be activated from Desktop shortcut:

Activation! Can use some help from the desktop folder that has few files. Version 4 was good for me, but can use your favorite also.

Blue variants of RED are also integrated, as well as many other non-RED themes:
RED Media Center


  • for USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia,EU.
  • For ALL Countries